Gone - But Will Never Be Forgotten!

Michael Devalon Herbert




Remembering Michael

This site was created in memory of our Michael aka "Chef Hub" -

a loving husband, father, brother, friend, and grandfather.


Born in Houston, Texas 

FEBRUARY 6, 1974

Michael Devalon Herbert was born to Alvin and Joyce Etta Herbert in Houston, Texas on February 6, 1974. Michael was born and raised in Scenic Woods where he resided even at his passing. He attended school in the North Forest School District where he was proud to be a Forest Brook Jaguar repping the infamous blue and gold. Michael was an extremely proud member of the Forest Brook Marching Band. He was blessed to perform with the Forest Brook Alumni Band, Jaguarettes, and Twirlers on November 11, 2011. After each practice, he never hesitated to express the difference in his endurance between being on the field in 1992 and 2011, but he pressed through and was very proud that he showed up to rep the Mighty Jaguars. After graduating in 1992 Michael enrolled in Texas Southern University where he continued his love for the drum section. He turned anything into a drum to make beats and enjoyed watching marching bands on YouTube.


Michael's dream was to become an entrepreneur (which was written in his high school yearbook). He fulfilled that dream when he became the owner of Mikes Catering which was rebranded as Big Hub's Food Shack in association with Abears' Catering in 2011. Before Uber Eats and Door Dash existed, Chef Hub loaded up his van on a daily basis and hit the streets of Houston feeding the people. He was never afraid to hear the word "no" from anyone, but his charisma, debonair charm, and presentation wowed the customer every time. Not only was he building a legacy hitting the streets, but Abears' Catering became well known for providing quality food, presentation, and service. Michael took his assignment to feed the people seriously, especially those who were less fortunate. If you were hungry he was going to feed you. Michael took several people under his wings and taught them everything he knew about the food game. After all the seeds he sowed God blessed him during the pandemic to provide corporate catering for the tv show "Texas Metal" aka "Ekstensive Metal" that aired on the Discovery Channel for almost two years.


Michael loved to cook, to travel, to gamble, to watch Lifetime, Wheel of Fortune (he watched this in memory of his mother every day), and most of all to rest and chill. The garage was his sanctuary where he provided counsel and was the voice of reason for many individuals. His favorite quotes were, "Pay attention," and "All down, stay down!" He believed in loyalty before royalty and he did his best to represent this every day. Michael's foundation was based on faith in God and during the rough patches in his life, he never hesitated to say the relationship his mother and siblings displayed before God kept him. Michael was blessed to turn his life around and to become a man who loved God and who wanted to represent Him at all times.


In 1998, Michael married his first wife LaTesa, and together they created a handsome bundle of joy Lil' Michael who was born on September 6, 1996. On April 15, 2011, he married his childhood friend, whom he knew since eight years old, Denecia Nettles who brought three kids into the marriage (Shannon, Vernecia, and Vashaie). He became a proud grandfather to Micah Davis on October 31, 2019, and to Zoe Spencer on October 23, 2020. Their special name for their grandpa is "Pop-Pop!"


No words can truly express the overwhelming gratitude of appreciation for those who have rendered their prayers, support, love, phone calls, flowers, and contributions. Please continue to keep us in our prayers as the days go by and we will pray for you as well. 

God bless and keep you is our prayer!

Michael speaking at 
Men Who Have Overcome Adversities 2016